Josh Guberman


For over 25 years, President and CEO Josh Guberman has been engaged in high-end construction and real estate development in addition to founding and investing in a variety of renowned businesses and endeavors.

Under his real estate development company, Core Development Group ( Guberman has crafted over twenty boutique buildings, exclusive residential projects and multiple commercial and hospitality ventures always accepting nothing less than the highest level of service and quality.

Each Guberman project is built one at a time, combining all the elements of convenience, useful amenities and cutting edge technology that today’s affluent and discriminating buyer is looking for. After achieving success for his work in New York City under the Core Development Group, Guberman decided it was time to try a new real estate venture, building premier properties in an area that for years he considered home; The Hamptons.

In 2011, The Guberman Group was launched, encompassing the estate projects in the Hamptons in addition to the companies Guberman already held interest in, including the acclaimed Crush Wine Co, founded and owned by Guberman and his close friends Drew Nieporent of Myriad Restaurant Group and wine expert, Bobby Schagrin.

In less than two years, The Guberman Group has already received positive recognition as one of many prestigious builders in the Hamptons. The Guberman Group has increased its affiliation base with a number of restaurants, galleries, artists, jewelry businesses, fashion companies, design firms and more, all bringing different components to the Group, and always offering their clients something new, exciting but most importantly, the highest quality product.

The Guberman Group understands the importance of creating lasting impressions for their buyers, so whether it is helping them complete their wine cellars with the Crush wine team, staging their homes with the finest art and furniture from their affiliated brands, or sending them to one of their four co- owned New York City restaurants, the experience is memorable, and hopefully, the relationship long lasting. Please see our affiliated brands link for a complete list of the Groups “go to” companies.

Josh Guberman graduated summa cum laude from Hunter College in New York City with a double major in Political Science and Media communications. To pay his way through school, he was an ice cream store manager and yellow cab driver. After graduation, he was on a focused mission to create solid businesses that provided jobs and opportunities to its employees while continuing to give value to its clients.

From his life experiences growing up on what was back then the economically challenged and crime ridden Upper West Side, Guberman grew to understand the importance of giving back to the community and supporting important causes.

Through his charitable division, Guberman Group Gives, opportunities are created to provide funds, resources and support for important local and international causes and charities. Please view the Giving link for more on Guberman Group Gives.


Morgan Shara

Creative Director

With a background in high end event planning, fashion and luxury marketing, it’s no wonder Morgan Shara saw the opportunity for Josh Guberman to form the Guberman Group. Guberman, who in addition to owning the highly regarded development company, Core Development Group, is a founding partner of one of the premier wine businesses in the country, Crush Wine Co, and is also the key investor in a number of restaurants, night life establishments, jewelry businesses, artists, media companies and more. Morgan urged Josh to create an umbrella for which all of his already existing companies, affiliated companies and future companies, including the new Estate development division in the Hamptons could merge; Thus, in the Spring of 2011, the Guberman Group, an all encompassing collaboration of Real Estate, Hospitality, Luxury Ventures and more was formed.

Morgan oversees all the creative aspects and growth areas of the group. In addition to collaborating with Mr. Guberman as a decorator/designer of the luxury estate projects in the Hamptons, she is responsible for bringing together and acting as a liaison for our affiliated companies and brands. She also runs point on working with our restaurants, artists, galleries, event planners, high end jewelers, fashion designers, furniture brands, charitable causes and much more.

Morgan works closely with two predominant art galleries, Gallery Valentine, in East Hampton, NY, owned by Ryan Ross and Tommy Mattola, and Arcature Fine Art Gallery in Palm Beach, Fl.

As a devoted mother of 2 young children, Morgan understands the importance of getting involved in charitable causes and leading a balanced life. Morgan and Mr. Guberman recently launched Guberman Group Gives, the philanthropic division of the company, with a strong focus on education, health care and the arts.

Morgan is co- director of the New York Chapter of the W Forum, a women’s enlightenment and empowerment organization. She is also on the the steering committee of the Museum of Natural History and is a chairperson for the Chabad of Southampton, NY and Camp Gan Israel.


Michael Wudyka

Senior Director of Hamptons Real Estate Development

Michael Wudyka has made his home in the Hamptons for the past 14 years. With an extensive background in the real estate business including hotel ownership and real estate development, It was a perfect fit for Michael to join the Guberman Group. With the Guberman Group, Michael oversees all the estate projects in the Hamptons and is a critical contributor to the design, development and expansion of the luxury homes division of the Group.

In addition to his involvement with the Group, Michael is the owner of the Enclave Inn hotels, which he bought, renovated, and successfully owned and operated. He is also the owner of East Hampton Studio, a state-of-the-art media center that has been host to a variety of high-profile events such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Cancer Schmanser, Michael J Fox Foundation and others. He may look familiar because he hosts his own television show on WVVH TV in the Hamptons.

Michael has fostered multitudinous relationships with almost every corner of the local community in addition to charitable causes world wide. Michael is on the Board of The Creative Coalition, a nonpartician non-profit to raise awareness of the importance of the arts. He also holds a Board of Directors seat for the East End chapter of the American Red Cross. After a life changing trip to Peru, Michael became the sole contributor to a small village in Peru to rebuild the school, supply books, pencils and paper to over 90 children. These are just a few of the outstanding chariable efforts of Michael. He has been a large contributor to the philanthropic divison of the Group, aptly named Guberman Group Gives. This past winter, under Michaels direction, The Guberman Group funded a 3 day free dental care for less fortunate communities in West Virginia.

Above all, Michael counts his commitment to family, friends, and to the enjoyment of life as his largest accomplishment by far.


Jessica Shoer

Creative Associate

Beginning in the summer of 2013, Jessica will be working with the Guberman group as part of the creative team. Jessica recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in Hospitality Management from the Isenberg School of Management. Her previous experiences working in the high end event industry include internships with acclaimed event planner, author and lifestyle guru, Colin Cowie ( and Boston Event Works, an event planning and entertainment agency. (

In addition to her event experience, she held the title of marketing/PR assistant for the Butter group (, consisting of New York premier establishments Butter, 1 Oak and The Darby.Following these experiences, Jessica made her segway into the Guberman group. She is passionate to break into the PR world and looks forward to evolving with and contributing to The Guberman Group.